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Tonos Del Mar – Ozuna, Doja Cat, Sia



Descargar Tonos De Llamada Del Mar - Ozuna, Doja Cat, Sia:

Gimme more, gimmе more (Gimme more)
Tell me you want this wet sign
Dímelo, dímelo (Dímelo)
Kiss my skin, I won't tell lies
Lucky son of a gun
I give you that no stress life
Vacation, live our best life
Whenever you want

Boy, I need you like a vacay
Need you like I need you like I, eh-eh
'Cause we just keep on drinkin' like we straight from the sea
Wet, got a big pussy like my man ain't drippin'
If you fuckin' with me then you fancy living
Mini jean skirt with the crop top fitted
Tell me he don't like when I got panties with it
Long hair, wet wave, Pantene in it
Big bag, wallet got mad cheese in it (Haha)
I don't need a ticket 'cause I'm past these bitches (Hah)
Get it past these bitches, get it past these bitches like


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